Thinking Garden

Thinking Garden is a small game studio founded in 2012 focusing on producing educational yet entertaining games for children to stregthen or reinforce basic academic and life skills.

Acrobatic Ninja Math

The best of both worlds: kids get to play a challenging physics-based puzzle game and must use math skills to beat each level.

Acrobatic Ninja Math is the latest education game by Thinking Garden that combines fun, physics puzzle gameplay with what parents need - a way to get them to practice their math skills willingly. Acrobatic Ninja Math covers all the basic arithmetic operators and is fully customizable by turning on/off operator types to adapt to any child's weaknesses and math skill level, K-5. It includes 36 levels in all that incorporate a variety of physics-based mechanics including catapults, trampolines, and rockets.

Lil' Shopper

Secretly teach your kids good nutrition via this fun-filled grocery shopping game!

Lil' Shopper is an educational app focused on reinforcing well-balanced diets, good nutrition and junk food avoidance in kids. As you will see, it is a grocery shopping themed game in which kids must learn and know their food groups in order to unlock prizes and complete the shopping bonus missions. That said, this is a positive reinforcement game mechanic without any concept of winning or losing, only the opportunity to unlock cool shopping carts and fun fridge magnets by knowing good nutrition and staying away from unhealthy junk food. It also utilizes and and stays true to the ChooseMyPlate paradigm including using the standard food group icons to further boost comprehension and understanding in kids by mirroring what they are taught in school.


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